EMR Project Guru Skill Summary


The areas of expertise and particular sets of skills support Rod's main strength of leadership. Rod leads by magnifying the skills of his team, giving them room to shine, and setting high expectations.

Areas of Expertise

Program Management

Rod has been successful leading programs for large national chains and for stand alone specialty hospitals. Rod is able to handle the complexities of managing multiple project, project teams, organizational goals, and operation realities. As a Program Manager, Rod has been a valued asset of executive management teams.

Project Management

Rod has solid Project Management skills that were developed while learning to meet real business needs. These skills were further refined in the preparation for a PMP certification. This typically places Rod at the fore when attempting to regain control of projects, diagnose problems of ailing projects, and development of your internal project maanagement staff.

Project Planning: Integration

Rod has full-cycle project and program management experience and can keep the internal processes working with one another. Rod can tie different aspects of your project together with other aspects. How does procurement impact human resources planning? What is the relationship between change control and activation planning? Rod knows.

Project Planning and Estimation

Rod has extensive experience planning projects and making solid estimations of time and budget. Rod has done this on small-scales when client needs were small. Rod has also created methodologies for larger clients to meet complex project planning and estimation needs on a large enterprise scale.

Project Planning: Initiation and Human Resources

Rod knows that the beginning of a project is a key time with tremendous downstream importance. Two key activities should start any project, ask Rod what they are. Planning to manage people is tremendously important and should be done in keeping with a solid plan. Rod has experience managing this extemporaneously for smaller clients and formally, in conjuntion with HR professionals, for larger clients.

Project Management: Procurement

When your project depends on the timely arrival and management of materials, you can turn to Rod for expertise. Rod has managed procurement of computers and carts for deployment to existing facilities. Rod has also managed procurement and deployment of infrastructure and initial equipment orders for new construction.

Project Execution

Rod has a long history of successfully executing healthcare IT projects. There is a part of any project when the rubber meets the road and must be managed by making hard choices every day. Rod is at home in this part of a project.

Meaningful Use

Rod was deploying electronic medical records before the government took notice but he read the original Meaningful Use legistlation and has kept current with changes to this set of regulatory requirements.

Training –Planning and Execution

Most electronic medical record projects and programs require training large numbers of end users. The planning for such an undertaking needs to be woven into preliminary planning. Rod has experience envisioning the final training needs and managing the project to meet those needs so that training itself becomes a self-sustaining component of his projects.

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Rod's Skills

Rod has invested in more than a decade of higher education directly applicable to healthcare information technology projects. As new challenges arose, Rod consistently stepped into firm theoretical understanding before applying the theory.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The unique clinical and technical background has given Rod a perspective from the bedside to the boardroom, allowing him to articulate the particulars of patient care to leaders who may not share such foundations.

For the record, yes, Rod did create this website.

  • Deep understanding of Cerner as an analyst.
  • Deep understanding of database technology and programming techniques appropriate for different healthcare needs.
  • Proven ability to move from one vendor's platform to another due to extensive technical preparation.

Rod has extensive experience serving all sizes of organizations and the full range of imaginable acuities within each organization. Rod's clients have ranged from stand alone hospitals to regional organizations of 30-50 hospitals, to the large national chains of more than 100 facilities of both non-profit and for profit organizations.

Rod's industry knowledge has been sought to structure project, programs, and by the Expert Institute as a general expert in the field.

Rod took a brief time away from healthcare to work as a software engineer. In this role it became clear to him that healthcare is the only industry for him. Calls in the middle of the night to prevent or correct patient safety issues are worthwhile pursuits; factories, even world class factories, are simply not life and death and are not nearly as motivating.

Rod knows that many thousands of patients will be impacted by every decision on a Project within a Program. Each decision is important, project efficiency keeps the organization's dollars at the bedside, and patient outcomes are a tangible impact on the lives of friends and family. These axioms are what Rod brought into his roles, not something that had to be learned.

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